Visible Changes Coming Soon

Early next week, the slab for the lower level of the lower building will be poured. It will involve about 15 cement trucks coming and delivering their loads through the nozzle of a very big pump truck, starting near the back wall and working out toward the corner nearest the roadway. The workers will will level it out and smooth it until it is as smooth as glass. This should be somewhat visible from the live camera feed. The whole process will take the better part of the day.

On Monday, the steel for the structure of the building will be delivered. It will be unloaded and sorted, and probably on Tuesday it will begin to be erected. The crane that will be employed to help in that process should definitely be visible. Again, the process will start with the vertical columns near the retaining wall and move out from that corner across the building. In the next few weeks the decking, the slab for the second floor, the upper structure, and then the framing will be erected for that lower building. Immediately following that will be the erecting of the steel structure for the connector and chapel, sometime early in January. Watch this space for news of the special milestone when the highest part of the building structure is installed, sometime the second or third week of January (weather permitting).

Please keep praying for this project! Something on our minds these days is safety on the construction site. Please pray that all of the workers will be safe and that no injuries will occur during our project.