We have a fire lane!

This week the fire lane was finally completed. This is a big milestone for the project, as it is the biggest area of concrete on the site itself. Concrete is a tricky substance – it needs to be poured and floated and scored with expansion joints in a very short timeframe when the weather is hot, so everything has to be entirely ready for the cement trucks to arrive. Some of the pour was done last week, and the rest of it was done Wednesday. The rest of this week has seen more sidewalks be formed and poured, too. Next on the docket for the site work is the back road and finishing up the stormwater pond. It is so satisfying to have progress on these things.

Inside, we have cabinets being installed in the adult classrooms and the office area, ceiling grid going up, light fixtures and air diffusers dropped into the grid, and painting. The concrete in the stairs is now complete. The chapel framing of soffits is nearly finished, and the framing and special backer board that will go behind the stone on the back wall of the platform is in place. Soon we will be able to see more clearly what the chapel will look like and how it will feel in there.

And what about the hurricane? Thankfully, we had no impact other than a couple of days when some of the subs could not come. We had no damage, no water got in where it was not expected to, nothing blew around and hit anything … we were so incredibly blessed to have the path of the storm go far enough away that we had nothing, really, to show for it except for rain. We are very thankful!