We Have Power!

construction equipment

Today is a milestone day – our building is now connected to power! Hooray! The next step is an inspection (scheduled for Monday) and then and only then will we begin to see systems and circuits turned on. By mid-week next week we hope that we will have lights and air handlers running.

The priority will be the air handler that runs the chapel. This is because we must have conditioned space to move to the next step there – installing the wood ceiling slats. And before the slats can be installed they must acclimate for 72 hours in the space where they will be installed, and thus getting that particular section of the HVAC system running will be one of the first things we do.

Though it seems like we are still in a hurry-up-and-wait situation, this is nonetheless a major milestone, and the last main hurdle, we believe, to the not-so-long downhill run to completion.

Other work taking place has had to do with installing light switches and outlets, wiring in the cubicles, installing the slate window sills, setting the handrail height for the stairway and ramp leading from the connector to the adult classrooms, dropping in more ceiling tiles, and reconnecting water to the maintenance building.