Welcome Afghan Refugees to RDU

As we all know, thousands of Afghans have fled their home country this month in response to Taliban takeover. Raleigh and Durham are two of only a few cities in the United States that will be receiving Afghan refugees in the coming weeks. As a church, we are rallying behind the work of our friend’s at World Relief Durham to lovingly welcome our new neighbors to the area. Here’s how you, your family, or your life group can help:

  • World Relief is collecting gift cards to Target and Walmart to give to families when they arrive. These can be sent to PO Box 11647, Durham, NC 27703. Physical gifts cards only, please.
  • Consider volunteering at World Relief. Complete their volunteer application here
  • Here are some other resources for Afghan community support: Helping Our Afghan Allies – World Relief.
  • Pray for these displaced image-bearers of God. In the midst of the pain and suffering these Afghans are experiencing, the Church of Jesus has an opportunity to love and serve them. Let us trust that, in God’s sovereignty, our cities will be receiving many who may never have heard the gospel. Might you be the one to minister to them?