We’re Back!

Well, by this we don’t mean that we have been taking a break from the work of the building committee, but only that we have been taking a break from the blog. For the last several weeks we have been working on a lot of specific matters, but nothing has really been blog-worthy. But in the past week or two enough things are coming together that we feel we have fresh info to report.

At the beginning of August we decided we needed to meet twice per month instead of once per month. This was occasioned by realizing that our timeline for starting construction was too tight, and we were likely to have to push it back by several months. So, we decided that we need to move faster as a building committee in order to reduce the slippage as much as we can. After all, there will definitely be things that we have to wait for that are outside our control (such as process with the Town of Chapel Hill, or the weather). To make that impact as little as possible we are stepping up our own work.

OK, some topics to watch for in this blog: recent church visits; architect selection process; development of the ‘program’ for our space needs; parking and flow; and more! Please keep praying for the building committee and the whole project!