What a difference 6 months can make!

Though we may have had some weeks of seemingly slow progress this year, let’s compare the photos of Groundbreaking, 6 months ago today, and last weekend! What a difference 6 months has made!

  • We prepared the site,
  • graded both the lower building and the chapel,
  • redesigned the stormwater pond (not in the photo),
  • graded the new fire lane around the back of the building,
  • poured the slab for the first floor of the lower building,
  • and installed quite a bit of steel structure!
  • Not to mention plumbing and drainage in the lower level and the beginnings of the electrical conduits for the first floor, installed below the floor decking earlier this week.

You can clearly see the outline of the chapel (the part that is not completed in this picture will be filled in very soon – within the next week or two we hope), and the shiny part is the steel deck for the second floor of the lower building.

Praise God for all of this great progress!