What is “Church on the Move?”

We’re excited to launch a new weekly blog series to help equip you, the church, to be missional where you are. Why? To promote, encourage, give ideas for taking hospitality with us wherever we go… to work, to our neighbors, to sporting events, as we travel for business and pleasure, in our homes, and so on. As we seek to better equip you, the goal behind this endeavor is to develop a mindset of allowing Jesus to use our various personalities and interests and life-styles to be His hands and feet to the our part of the world.

Who’s behind this?

I’m Susan Thomas. My husband, Dwight, and I have been members of the Bible Church for a little over 12 years. We live on a small hobby farm on the edge of Orange County toward Mebane. We’re proud parents of 3 children and 9 grandchildren. More importantly, Dwight and I love to have people come to our place and we’ve practiced hospitality in various forms for a lot of years. We both love Jesus and are increasingly convicted that a really good way to share Him is to practice hospitality however we can. I’m eager to share some ideas as well as feature others in our church family who regularly practice hospitality to their neighbors, colleagues, and friends for the sake of loving one another and sharing Jesus.

Dwight Susan Thomas