What will be the design of the new building?

What will the new building be like? Well, we don’t know details yet, of course. But we do have some thoughts. We imagine that it will be a two-story building, built into the slope of the land in a similar way to how the current two-story classroom wing is, with both levels having ground-level access. We imagine that it will also have an interior stairway and an elevator.

We know that it will have some similar features in appearance to the current building, probably brick exterior and a gray roof with white trim around the windows. We have what architects call a ‘vernacular’ already on this site, and the new building will be part of that overall look. But we don’t know specifics yet.

We imagine that the upper level will include something that we have wanted and needed here since the design of the current building – a space for a mid-sized group to meet, to worship, to have a lecture or to be the plenary space for a conference. This space will seat 200-300 and be suitable for weddings and memorial services. Placing this space on the upper level will allow us to take advantage of the roof line to have a higher ceiling or a cathedral ceiling for this space. The working title for this space at the moment is the ‘upper room.’


More than these things I would not venture to guess at this point. There is a lot of research and thought that the building committee still needs to do before we will know more.