What’s 73 feet long and weighs many tons?

The ridge beam for the chapel, that’s what! And today is the day it will arrive at the construction site – around 9:30 am. We have been awaiting this day for months now, watching the weather, watching the progress, watching the scheduling gurus shuffle activities on the multi-page chart … and finally, today, it will arrive.

It will be unloaded onto the ground down near the staging area (below – that is, north – of the lower building). If you are attentive you might be able to see this happen on the live streaming feed, but it is also possible that the lower building will block the view.

Also today, or maybe Friday, the columns will begin to be erected for the chapel and the connector – weather permitting. In this case the consideration is wind, because gusts of wind play havoc with crane-lifted heavy pieces of steel, as you can imagine. But sometime very soon you should be able to begin to see the shape of that upper portion of the building.

commercial construction

Other work includes continuing electrical, HVAC ducts, and wall framing. The black spray-on air barrier is nearly complete around the lower building, and the roof is also mostly done (for example, Sunday afternoon, in that heavy rain we had, the only water that came in entered through the window openings).

Meanwhile the work above the ceiling in the lobby and corridor between the kitchen and sanctuary is progressing. This past Sunday you undoubtedly noticed the exposed ducts and other innards of the building in that area. This work will be going on for another month at least. The lobby and corridor are not accessible during the week, and we ask that, if you happen to be in the building, you respect the black plastic sheeting and other barriers and do not enter or even peek in – the barriers are not only for your safety but also to keep dust and dirt from getting into the rest of the building.