Where are we heading?

One of the things that the Space Needs Assessment Team considered is the question of how big we will be at this site? We assumed that we will have a maximum of 1600 adults in two worship services each Sunday morning, and considered how other space would have to balance that number of people. We chose this number because it is about 80% of our maximum number of seats that we can put into our current auditorium with the current aisles and space between rows.

An intermediate attendance number would probably be around 1200 on Sunday morning, which would be about 80% of our current set up divided between two Sunday morning services.

You may ask, why 80%? This is a proportion that represents the point at which a space feels ‘full’ to someone coming in and looking for a seat. Newcomers, especially, find that 80%-full point to be a threshold where they feel as if there is no room for them.

And why two services? Can’t we add a service? Yes, we can, and programmatic changes like this are being considered. But, for the purposes of the space needs assessment, we assumed that we were going to have two primary services, and that any other services we might add to the schedule would not be as large in attendance as the primary services. Thus, we would need to think about how the classroom and other space would meet the needs at the two primary services even if we eventually were to add more services on a Sunday or at other times.

Future posts will address what, exactly, we plan to do – if you were at one of the Town Hall meetings on May 17 and 18, you heard some of our ideas. But if you missed those, no worries – we will include that information here over the next couple of weeks.