Who are we, anyway?

Who is the Chapel Hill Bible Church? Who would say that they are part of this church? How do we know?

These are important questions that we need to know the answers to. We need to know it because it helps us plan and shape our ministry focus. We need to know it to understand what the scope of our ministry is, both in terms of geographical distribution, age distribution, diversity, and needs.

And, we need to know it in the course of this building project because it will shape the kind and quantity of space we envision for various ministry opportunities. How many families with children between the ages of birth and fifth grade do we have now? How many teenagers, or college students, or young singles do we have now? How many empty-nesters? How many senior adults? Using this information, can we project how many people in various categories we will have in three years? In five years? In ten?

The easy numbers have to do with our membership. We know, pretty much always, who are members are because there is a clear process for people becoming members.

But what about people who are regular (or even irregular) attenders, but who have not formalized their relationship with CHBC? How does someone progress from being a “visitor” to being someone whom we would say is actually part of our church? Or put another way, how do we figure out who would say, “The Chapel Hill Bible Church is my church!”?

In order to have a better answer for these latter questions, we have begun to take attendance in more events and classes at the Bible Church. In the future you will likely see us passing around a sign-up sheet or attendance sheet in adult Sunday school classes more often, or even having check-in using our online database system for classes and events. (We currently do check-in for all children’s Sunday events and all youth events – we will be expanding our use of check-in in the future to encompass most if not all events at CHBC.)

So don’t be surprised if we ask you to sign in or check in or sign up for more things in the coming months. We expect that having more information will help everything about our ministry be more effective in helping the people who are here, as well as the people we are reaching out to, in proclaiming the Gospel.