Why build instead of plant?

A question was raised last week in a comment to an earlier post about the relationship between our renovation and new building project and our strategic initiative to plant churches. Why not plant a church in the area to help with the space needs that we have? After all, if we had fewer people here we would not need more space. Wouldn’t it be better to put that money toward establishing a new church?

There are several facets to the answer to this question, so let me dive in.

First, statistics show that churches that plant churches, even locally, experience more growth rather than controlling their own size. So, if we were to plant a church in the area it would likely not be a solution to our space needs. In fact, we have had many people leave our church to attend other churches over the past several years, notably when we planted Chatham Community Church in Pittsboro. We continue to grow at our current location, though. Another of our strategic goals is to make a clearer discipleship process and path to being connected at CHBC, which will probably result in higher attendance from those who call CHBC their church, as well as more people who visit getting connected to CHBC and becoming regulars here.

Second, the renovations and additional building space are really a phase 2 of our initial building project in 2001. We have needed the additional classroom (children, adult, and youth) and office space since the initial design of this building. You can read more about the imbalance in the current building in an earlier post on this blog.

And third, we do plan to plant more churches, even locally. It was mentioned earlier this year that we are considering planting a church in Hillsborough, and we have been intentional in helping a church in Durham get started, as well, in the past year or so.

We are committed to planting more churches with or without the additional space and renovations. We believe that the local church is God’s main tool for the spread of the gospel and the discipleship of believers. We believe that having more space at this site will enable us to do the work of church planting more effectively.