Why Perspectives is for you!

I remember it very vividly. My brother came out of his room and asked me, “What about people who have never had an opportunity to hear about Jesus? What is going to happen to them?” This was not merely an intellectual or theological question for him. It was one that he wrestled with as he considered placing his faith in Jesus (which he did, a few weeks later).

That question has always stuck with me, not only because my brother was struggling with it, but also because I and countless others I have ministered to have had to deal with it. And while the question in and of itself is out of the scope of this blog, a question that follows is critical to the content here.

Why are we still having to ask this question? Why has the Church not taken the gospel to the ends of the earth? Why are there places in the world where there is no church and no gospel witness? It has been almost 2,000 years, after all. 

A Command for All

It is no secret that mission pastors and mission agencies the world over love the Great Commission. It is not only one of the best known sections of Scripture, but it also gives us one of the clearest job descriptions for followers of Jesus. It is not a call for some. It is a command for all.

Yet what excites and inspires some brings fear and trepidation to others. The thought of going to a distant land where the language, the food, and culture are so different from what you are used to can be terrifying. But could it be that there is more to the Great Commission than going? If I never go on the mission field long-term, am I being disobedient to the command that Jesus left us with? And if I don’t go, does that mean I have no role to play? And what does the Perspective course have to do with this question?

We are not all called to pack up and go but we are all called to make disciples of the nations. And while God will indeed call some (hopefully many) to go proclaim to the gospel in other lands and cultures most of us will be called to remain in the U.S. for the rest of our lives. Many, not sensing a call to go, believe they are spectators as God uses a select few to accomplish his purposes among the nations. But could it be that our participation is not only possible, but vital in making Jesus known in places where his name has not yet been proclaimed?

Find Your Role

This is where Perspectives comes in. Through this course, you and dozens of others from CHBC and other local churches will grow in your understanding of who God is and what he has set out to do in making Jesus known. You will hear from 15 different instructors (including Pastor Roddy) on the biblical perspective, historical perspective, cultural perspective, and strategic perspective of the world Christian movement. And, you will learn to better discern what your specific role is in the gospel going to the ends of the earth. So what are these critical roles? Glad you asked. 

Going. Some among us will be called to go. We will say good-bye to our familiar settings and hello to a new life in a new place filled with challenges and joys. CHBC will walk with you through this process, should you sense a calling you in this direction. Almost 20% of Perspectives alumni have reported serving in the mission field for six months or longer as they better understand God’s heart for the nations. 

Sending. Finances are an inescapable reality and necessity of global missions. Whether those who go employ a Business-as-Mission model or a more traditional approach, financial support and capacity is necessary in the sending and supporting of our mission partners. 27% of Perspectives alumni have reported an increase in their giving to the local church as they better understand the role of the church in the Great Commission.

Welcoming. The nations are coming to the Triangle. We have an opportunity to reach people from all over the world without even leaving our zip code. The International Harvest Celebration is a great example of one of the ways in which we do this. 23% of Perspectives alumni have reported an increase in their involvement with the international community at home as they better understand the role of living a strategic life.

Mobilizing. The body of Christ serves a critical role in mobilizing men and women to not only go but also to participate in the different roles associated with the Great Commission. In fact, many will go because they have been mobilized by someone they know. 21% of Perspectives alumni have reported an increase in recruiting others to enter the mission field as they better understand the different roles in reaching the nations.

Praying. Prayer is war. It is the front-line of mission, fighting against the enemy and preparing the soil for sewing and harvest. We pray for open doors and for God’s Kingdom to come. 66% of Perspectives alumni have reported an increase in frequent prayer for missionaries as they better understand the role of prayer the battle for souls.

Perspectives is for You!

The Perspectives course has served to equip almost 250,000 Christians around the world to better understand and engage in God’s mission. Countless more have been blessed with the message of Jesus as a result. You, too, are called to help the message of Jesus reach places where it has never been before.

Join us for this 15 week course as we encourage each other in making our precious Savior known. Come, Lord Jesus! LEARN MORE >