Windows of Opportunity

The window frames have begun to be installed in the office section. Now we can get an idea of what it will look like. Above that, on the upper floor, the brackets and insulation are being installed for the metal siding.

At the end of last week, the exterior doors and wall section was demolished in preparation for the connector actually connecting to the current building. The first stage in that work is connecting the HVAC piping; next will come masonry and other exterior surfaces. For now, therefore, there is no way to see the new construction from that hallway – in fact, a wall from floor to roof has been constructed to serve as the temporary exterior.

In the renovation area all of the walls that will be removed are gone, and the new space is really looking great. We are still weeks away from its completion, but it is already evident that the new check-in space will be very nice and the expanded fellowship space will really cure a bottleneck. Work is now happening with HVAC ducting and rerouting over the new kids ministry assembly space.

Just a reminder – do not, for any reason, enter the renovation area. Even on Sunday mornings, that is off limits to us. Please plan ahead and allow a little extra time to go around. Ground-level access is available for both levels of the education wing, and there are plenty of signs to help you figure out where you should go.