Working on some details

In the next five weeks (i.e., three building committee meetings) we will be primarily considering four areas of the project.

Tomorrow afternoon we will meet with our own David Walters to go over the AV plan for the new space, especially the chapel. We will also meet with our mechanical engineering team to see the work that they are doing and give our comments.

Our next meeting, the second week of August, will be focused on finishes and furnishings. And the meeting after that, toward the end of August, will be the semi-final look at the renovations to the children’s space.

As we work on these details, the bigger picture is still advancing. For example, Matthew Wright (Facilities Director) and Emily Williams (Church Administrator and member of the building committee) are beginning to work on the question, “What space will be available during the two periods of renovation (next summer and over the last three months of the project) and how will we manage it?” And, our submission to the Town of Chapel Hill will be made this week (perhaps already has been made as this post is being written).