You won’t want to miss this!

This Sunday, February 14, you will get the chance to see what you have been waiting for – some drawings of what we are going to be building. Yes, our ‘conceptual design’ drawings will be available this Sunday morning in our worship services, and soon afterwards on our webpage. You will be able to see where on the site we will be building and what our new building will (may) look like. We are excited for you to see it!

I used the phrase ‘conceptual design’ on purpose. We believe that what we will show you will be substantially what we will build, but there are still some details to work out. For example, are we really going to put a storage room there, or are we going to move it over here? And where will the doorways be to this classroom if we orient it like this? These kinds of details will be partially determined as part of the design process that we still need to work on, and will also be worked out once we begin to get construction drawings underway. So, we don’t want you to look at the drawings that we will show you on Sunday and get fixated on them as being exactly what everything will look like once its built.

We have taken the past three weeks, since January 21, off, and have one more week before we get going again on the next phase. Next Thursday, 2/18, we will be interviewing building contractors and will select one of them to be the contractor for the project. The advantages of doing this at this early phase is that we will get a much more accurate idea of the cost of things by getting the contractor to do pricing for us. We also get a stretch of time to learn how we will be working together, so the process will go smoother once we are actually under construction. We are excited about being this far along!

We also will be meeting with some of the Town of Chapel Hill staff next week to discuss what process we need to go through with them to get a building permit and other things like that. Please pray for good communication to happen both ways and for our project to be favorably received by the Town.

In the coming weeks we will describe some of the drawings in more detail.