You’ll Be Floored This Sunday

It looks so nice! The new flooring in The Commons is spectacular! Be sure you compliment the building committee folks when you see them for their selections, especially the Furnishings and Finishes group – Jean Sailer, Sonya Hove, Julie Spencer, and Eric McKiddie. Other finishing touches are appearing in that area of the renovation, too, including the dark grey rubber base that really sets off the look and ties it all together.

Other work this week included getting the Fire Lane ready for its concrete, laying out some of the sidewalks, and continued work in the connector and chapel. The concrete steps for the stairway and the concrete for the handicapped ramps were also poured this week. This makes access easier and safer for everyone traveling between floors.

We are so thankful to have had such a long stretch of rain-free days. The rain overnight Thursday night did cause a delay in some of the outdoor work because of the ground being too muddy for concrete to be poured. Next week, we hope!