Facility Fees


CHBC Ministry Events will not be charged unless:

  1. We have to purchase special items or equipment (e.g. lights for Fall Festival).
  2. We have to hire people to help with the event (e.g. A/V, clean up or chair reset, etc).
  3. Your request does not fall within our building hours and you are wanting to hire an attendant.

It is the responsibility of the ministry to coordinate with the Facilities Director. It is the responsibility of the ministry to do their own set up, clean up, and reset after each event. We provide you with tables, chairs, etc., in the rooms you requested; we will do our best to set them up roughly the way you describe if time allows, but you are responsible for moving them around to suit your exact needs.

Non-CHBC Use

The following rates apply to all non-CHBC ministry use. This includes non-faith based groups or faith based groups and church members engaging in social events. Examples: recitals, rehearsal dinners, meetings, showers, graduations, receptions, etc.

These rates apply to one time usage. Any regular use must be negotiated with the Facilities Director.

Building Hours: (Summer hours — building is closed on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings) Rooms are available only

  • Mon-Thurs: 9 am-9:30 pm,
  • Friday: 9 am-2:30 pm and 6:30 pm-10 pm,
  • Saturdays: 9 am-12:00 pm. Saturday afternoons until 4 pm are usually available IF you are requesting space at least a week in advance and there is building attendant availability. After-hour reservations will incur additional charges for staffing.
  • Saturday evenings and Sunday are reserved for CHBC ministry-events ONLY. The building opens and closes at the times given – any time for set-up or clean-up must be included within the hours that the building is open.

Summer Hours:  Building is closed Tuesday and Wednesday evenings.

General Fees
Room Rate
Classroom $12 per hour
Fireside Room $30/hr
Lobby $30/hr
Auditorium $65/hr, with a 2 hour minimum; in addition, a consultation with our AV supervisor is usually necessary even if your event does not require A/V services. (This is because of the AV equipment usually out on the stage, and is designed to make sure that your recital is as comfortable and successful as possible.)

You are charged for not only the length of the event, but also the time it takes you for set-up and clean-up. These rates do not include sound, stage lighting, clearing or resetting of stage or clean-up.

No food or drinks are permitted in the auditorium.

Rehearsal Fees
  • Fees will be 1/2 of standard rate with no HVAC (heating and air conditioning), or sound.
  • All rehearsals are subject to cancellation if they conflict with CHBC events.
  • All rehearsals must be scheduled.
  • If you need a full rehearsal – HVAC, A/V – the charges will be at the full rate.
Commercial Use

The charge for any commercial use or event that charges a fee must be negotiated with the Facilities Director (Matthew Wright) on a case-by-case basis.

Lessons & Classes

We are no longer taking any more reservations for lessons or classes.

Auditorium Use

Auditorium chairs are not to be moved without permission of the Facilities Director. The Facilities Director reserves the right to restrict the amount of chair movement in the auditorium. If there is any unauthorized movement of chairs there is a $50 fine in addition to the fees described as follows. There will be a fee of $45 per hour for chair reset. It will be the responsibility of the group to have a preset number of volunteers to assist in reset. The group will be charged $100 per volunteer who does not show up or leaves early. It is the group’s responsibility to remove chairs and set up for the event.

If you are planning an event in the Auditorium which will require A/V support we must have at least 3 weeks notice in order to be reasonably sure that we will have A/V staff available. If this is within that timeframe, please contact Sean Stickel (sean@biblechurch.org) to discuss your A/V needs.

Set-Up & Clean-Up

Users are responsible for set up and resetting the room for the next event. Users are responsible for cleaning the room no matter how they found the room. Users must take all trash to the dumpster. No food without prior permission. Charges will also apply if facility staff has to do additional cleaning after you leave.

Fees Due & Cancellations

Full payment is due before the day of the reservation.  If you need to cancel, we must have a 24 hour notice (business day).

A/V Use in Auditorium

Audio Video charges in the Auditorium are as follows:

  • Fees are based on the amount of time and the number of A/V personnel required for an event.
  • Each of the items shown in the table below may require a separate A/V person dedicated to the task. For example, your event may be a concert that you want to have recorded on DVD. The concert will probably require one A/V person to run sound and another to run video equipment bringing the cost to roughly $60 per hour. Sometimes, depending on the needs an event, it is possible for one person to accomplish more than one task. Example: You want the stage lights turned on for your concert – this can be done by either the sound person or video person, and the cost again is roughly $60 per hour. If however, you want lighting changes made during the concert, a third A/V person will likely be needed bringing the cost to roughly $90 per hour.
  • Please note that the amount of time worked by A/V personnel will be somewhat greater than the scheduled event time due to set-up and post-event work, depending on the needs of the event.
  • Requests for Auditorium A/V use should be submitted at least 3 weeks in advance of the event date. CHBC will provide trained A/V personnel and an estimate of cost for A/V use.
AV Use Fee
Sound production for groups using the house PA system $30/hr
Sound recording  –  a CD can be made of your event $30/hr
Video production  –  showing DVDs, PowerPoint slides, etc. $30/hr
Video recording  –  a DVD can be made of your event $30/hr
Lighting  –  stage lights and house lights requiring an attendant $30/hr

For events not requiring AV personnel services, a sound lectern with a built-in PA system is available for $20.


Refunds for cancellations will happen 3 times per year… after June 12, September 1, and December 31.


To help serve all that use this facility, we ask you to comply with the following guidelines.



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