Adult Classes

Get Equipped On Sunday Mornings

Our Sunday morning adult classes are a great way to quickly get plugged in and equipped. Some classes can be short and dedicated to a topic or book of the Bible, while other classes are ongoing communities, which meet either during the first service, or during the second service.

9:00 am

The Book of 2 John

Sundays, 9:15 am (Room 306)
berean class

The Berean Class will continue with an expository study of John’s Epistles with special attention given to its relevance to the world and kingdom today.

NOTE: We offer a hybrid class of both in-person and Zoom.

Reach out to Andy Smoak for more information. You can view previous studies at apttoteach.org.

Teacher: Jim Abrahamson

The Book of Joshua

Sundays, 9 am (Room 308)
gospel-focused families

GFF is an ongoing Sunday school class to connect families to each other and God as we study Scripture, create community, serve together, and pray for each other.

Contact Steven & Amy King for more information.

Teachers: Steven (Elder) & Amy King

The Book of Psalms

Sundays, 9 am (Room 309)
Crossroads Class

The Psalms, as the Tim Keller notes, are the songs of Jesus. For thousands of years they have taught, comforted, and encouraged God’s people. Specifically, they address the heart. Most of us today need renewed hearts, refreshed hearts, and One we can run to for refuge. We need the Psalms. We’d love to have you join us as we seek God in the Psalms.

For more information, please contact Sonya Hove.

Teachers: Rick (Elder) and Sonya Hove

Gospel-Centered Discipleship (Spanish)

Sundays, 9 am (Room 311)
Spanish Bible Study

Each week we explore the Christian life and how we can best portray the image and mind of Jesus.

Teachers: Demetrio Rodriguez, Gaby Correa (Latino Minister)

The Gospel of Matthew

Sundays, 9 am (Room 229)
Bridge ESL Class

In this class we will be reading and discussing of the Gospel of Matthew. 

Teachers: Judy Streich and Lily Wang

11:00 am

Chinese Bible Class (Mandarin)

Sundays, 11 am (Room 229)

Join us for a time to encourage one another through God’s Word and find community here at Chapel Hill Bible Church. The Chinese Bible Class will discuss the Sunday sermons.

NOTE: We will offer a hybrid class of both in-person and Zoom options.

Contact Mark Zhang for more information.

Teachers: Mark Zhang, Sean Chiou

The Book of Genesis

Sundays, 11 AM (Room 309) Bethesda Class

The Bethesda class is specially designed for teens and adults with special needs. We will be walking through the books of the Bible in a multi-modal way (tactile, visual, sensory, etc) to explore the main stories of the Bible and why they are important. 

This class will begin meeting on January 30th! 

Reach out to Ashley Gyori for more information.

Teacher: Ashley Gyori (Special Needs Director)


The Book of James

Sundays, 8 am (Zoom)
Bridge ESL Class

Would you like to improve your English and study the Bible at the same time? Join us on Sunday mornings for a class that offers help and answers, new friends, improved English, and a deeper understanding of who God is.

This Fall’s Zoom class will be studying the Book of James.

Contact Lily Wang for more information.

Teachers: Matt & Erin Jones

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