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Whether you are looking for a new home church or just checking us out, we’re glad you stopped by. We strive to provide care, love, security, and nurturing as we instill an age-appropriate understanding of God and His love through programs for kids, students and adults of all ages. We also offer groups and classes to learn and experience God’s word on an individual level as well as a way to worship together as a church family.

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Faith of Our Fathers

Distrust, Deceit, & Distance
(Genesis 27)

When you think deeply about why we ‘twist’ the truth… or shall I just say it… we lie, we deceive, and we manipulate, one is drawn to the reality of trust. What do we actually trust? Do I trust God?

The story of Genesis 27 is about a family who lost their spiritual sight along the way and no longer trust God’s promises, which leads to deceit and then to distance from blessing, ironically. It is a hard story, with some humorous moments, and it is a story of God’s grace which is stronger than our most blind moments of unbelief. It is a story of how amazing Jesus is who took this story, our story, wadded it up in a ball, restored it, and gave us Himself as the blessings itself.

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