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About Our Kitchen

Our kitchen at CHBC is commercial-grade and boasts several ovens, freezers, prep stations, etc.

If you have questions about kitchen training or would like to schedule a session for kitchen training, please contact Facilities Admin, Sean Stickel.

Common Questions

Do I need training to use the kitchen?
Kitchen training is mandatory, but varies on length depending on what you need.

  • If you only plan to serve drinks, you should allow about 30 minutes. In this time, you will learn to use the coffee-carafe machines, where items are stored, what’s involved in mixing drinks, and what’s required for clean up.
  • If you plan to cook and serve food as well, you should plan to attend a cooking/training session. This will take about an hour and a half.  You will actually use the cooking equipment to cook, serve and clean up a meal. By having hands-on training, you will be more familiar with using the equipment when you have your own event.
  • If you would like to attend another training (they’re fun!), you are certainly welcome! If you’re not confident that you can use the equipment safely, please be honest and ask for help. That’s why we’re here!
I know how to cook - why do I need to be trained?

Our CHBC kitchen is a commercial kitchen. Several of the pieces of equipment are not ones you would have in your kitchen at home! Safety and cleanliness are of utmost importance. You need to be sure that you understand the operation of the equipment and food safety rules and guidelines.

How far in advance do I need to request kitchen training?
As soon as your dates are set, you should request room assignments, including use of the kitchen. Even if you are only planning to serve drinks, please reserve the kitchen. This helps us monitor the kitchen use as well as plan training sessions.

Scheduling a training session as far ahead as possible helps insure that someone will be available to train you. Three weeks ahead is usually sufficient.

If I'm the kitchen-trained person for my event, must I be in the kitchen the whole time?
YES! There must be a trained person in the kitchen any time it’s in use. If your event will be several hours long, you may choose to have several people trained so that you can have shifts. You must be certain to communicate with the next person any information he/she needs so that there is continuity.

Those cleaning up need to know where the items should be stored.

The kitchen should be left cleaner and in better order than you found it.


Because of our new building use policy as of November 2020, and the COVID-19 pandemic. We have restricted the use of our building and ground to Bible Church Ministries only.



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