Kids Ministry Update

Dear church family, 

As shared at our Membership Gathering this week, we continue to search for a new and long-term Kids Minister and trust the Lord will bring the right person to us in his perfect timing. We ask that you continue to pray with us. In the meantime, our conviction that we need a gifted and focused leader for that ministry has only grown! Our children are precious and deserve dedicated attention and leadership in the ministry that serves them and their families. 

To that end, Matt Smith will be focusing solely on leading and shepherding our Kids Ministry, effective Sunday, September 17th. Kids Ministry is a full-time role and Matt will be giving it his full-time attention rather than juggling that with his current pastoral responsibilities.

Matt Smith, Kids Minister at Chapel Hill Bible Church

In order to accurately reflect this shift in his responsibility his new title will be KIDS MINISTER rather than the current title of Family Pastor. We believe this new title accurately represents and communicates what Matt will be doing and the capacity in which he will be doing it. The title of Pastor has historical implications and expectations in our church which will not be a part of his role. 

Matt’s other responsibilities will be shared by fellow staff members. Thank you for your prayers and patience as these transitions take place. Below are a few of the notable shifts:

  • Training Oversight, Adult Classes Oversight | Martin Shin
  • Premarital Mentoring Oversight | JW Ruff
  • Baptism Class Oversight and Teaching | Geoff Grant
  • Pastoral Residency Oversight and Mentoring | Ryan McKee
  • Family Ministry Oversight | Rodrigo Dinsmore (Supervision of Kids and Youth Ministers)

We are thankful for Matt’s leadership and for his commitment to our Kids Ministry in this season! 

Rodrigo Dinsmore, Associate Pastor at Chapel Hill Bible Church